Tuition and Payments 2017-2018

Tuition and Payments 2017-2018

Registration Fees:

Registration for the following year at GLCA will begin in March. The non-refundable registration fees per student are as follows:

April                           €30.00

May and June            €45.00

July and after             €70.00

Tuition Rates:

Missionaries   -                        

                                               One Student               € 2,584

                                               Two Students              € 5,088

                                               Three Students          € 7,513

                                                Four Students            € 9,858

                                                Five Students            € 12,124


Non-missionaries -     

                                              One Student              € 3,975

                                              Two Students             € 7,791

                                              Three Students          € 11,448

                                              Four Students            € 14,946

                                              Five Students             € 18,285

Kindergarten (missionaries)                            €1,550

Kindergarten (non-missionaries)                     €2,385

(Kindergarten meets three days a week.)

Book Fees:

Grades K through 6                €125.00

Grades 7 through 12               €125.00 



1.     When registering your student you should make payment arrangements with the school administrator or administrative assistant. We accept one time payments for the entire year or payments spread out over 9-12 months.  Your school bill for the previous year must be paid in full before your student begins a new year at GLCA.

2.     Payments may be in cash, by check or by bank transfer.  Checks should be made payable to “GLCA Associação”  Tuition is in euros.  To pay by Portuguese bank transfer, contact the school office for our NIB Number. You may also pay with your U.S. debit or credit card by using the following link. Be sure to note that this is a GLCA tuition payment.  Your account will be credited in Euros using the counter-value based on the European Central Bank's exchange rate for that day.

3.     No school records or report cards will be sent to other schools if there are any outstanding school bills.