Portugal Fact Sheet



Population:  10 million  

People and Language:  Portuguese                                           

Predominant Religion:  Roman Catholicism

Location:  Far west coast of Europe, just west of Spain

Date entered European Union:  1986


Portugal is a country about the size of Indiana.  The country's population is around 10 million with 3 million of them living in and around Lisbon, the capital city.  97% of the people claim Catholicism as their religion.  Today, Roman Catholicism remains ingrained in the Portuguese culture, even though only a small percentage of the population regularly practices their religion. For centuries, Satan has blinded eyes and hearts here with empty religious ritual that cannot take the place of a personal relationship with the Creator.  It is estimated that only 1% are born again believers in Jesus Christ. 


Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE) entered Portugal in 1980 with a goal of initiating a church planting movement that would bring light to this spiritually dark land.  The purpose of the ABWE missionary team is to plant autonomous Baptist churches that will reproduce themselves.  To accomplish this goal the first step is to evangelize the lost.  We must proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.  This is an enormous task, especially in a land where only 1% of the population claims to be evangelical Christian.